PETALOUS Antimosquitos

YELLOW for… ¡Antimosquitos!

Yes… you read that right. Today we present a very important line in Petalous Shoes that helps us repel those disturbing mosquitoes!

We want to make things easy so you can quickly recognize Petalous Antimosquitos. We have identified this Petalous line with a yellow flower.

As we introduced above, we intend to take care of your health from Petalous, and what a better way to start than offer treatment to accompany you on your walks in the countryside, in the games of children… in these and many other special moments Petalous will help you to get rid of mosquitoes and annoying bites.

Your activity and the movement of your feet is the key to well-functioning of the treatment we have applied. You can also enjoy a fresh citrus scent.

It works? Of course! We made scientific tests against the common mosquito that prove it.

Less to worry about and more relax to you and yours. The Petalous Antimosquitos line is a safe bet for summer.

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