Petalous Eucalyptus

Grass is always GREENER on Petalous

We know there are quiet days, but there are also those you don’t stop a single second.

How many times have we heard that expression so typical of our mothers “I haven’t stopped even five minutes”? With such an active life our body suffers daily and react with unwanted signals.

Petalous Eucalyptus is designed for a daily use. This treatment stimulates blood circulation providing help to fight the inflammation of the feet caused by daily activity. You can also enjoy a fresh characteristic aroma of this plant on your footwear. You will find it identified with green flower.

A leather sports shoe, a classic slip on or the latest model with patterned fabrics, you can choose the one that best suits your style and make these shoes a “must have ‘in your day-to-day.

Petalous Strawberry

RED for… ¡Strawberry!

When it’s hot, who would not want an ice cream? Vanilla, chocolate… or strawberry! Definitely one of the star flavors for everyone.

We are talking about the Petalous Strawberry line, the red flower, with a very special aroma of strawberries. You will remember this tasty fruit. But as you know, Petalous footwear offers not only aromas, provides special care for your feet too.

The strawberry treatment is the result of a formula that prevents unpleasant odors. It also gives us extra help to regenerate skin chafing caused by heat and friction of shoes.

Plain and printed, to wear on a special occasion or for daily use, a shoe for every moment. A shoe (and a scent) for each person.

PETALOUS Antimosquitos

YELLOW for… ¡Antimosquitos!

Yes… you read that right. Today we present a very important line in Petalous Shoes that helps us repel those disturbing mosquitoes!

We want to make things easy so you can quickly recognize Petalous Antimosquitos. We have identified this Petalous line with a yellow flower.

As we introduced above, we intend to take care of your health from Petalous, and what a better way to start than offer treatment to accompany you on your walks in the countryside, in the games of children… in these and many other special moments Petalous will help you to get rid of mosquitoes and annoying bites.

Your activity and the movement of your feet is the key to well-functioning of the treatment we have applied. You can also enjoy a fresh citrus scent.

It works? Of course! We made scientific tests against the common mosquito that prove it.

Less to worry about and more relax to you and yours. The Petalous Antimosquitos line is a safe bet for summer.

Petalous Shoes

¡Hello World! We are Petalous

Petalous is a new brand of footwear that bring us an exclusive and very innovative concept. We have thought to offer you a genuine revolution in footwear for your feet care based on aromatherapy.

This idea came from the flowers. They are so delicate, aromatic and very important for the plant and so are the feet for us. For that reason, our logo is a flower and our footwear is full of aroma.

We take the best properties of a natural products selection with health benefits to develop some unique treatments we apply to our footwear.

What are these treatments to which we refer? What will they benefit? What smell have our Petalous shoes?… Stay tuned to the blog! We want you to accompany us in this adventure. We have many things to talk about and we will tell you gradually.

Welcome to PETALOUS!