Our experience, the innovative key

PETALOUS was born into a company with more than 40 years experience in the manufacture of footwear. In a management team meeting came the idea of creating a new brand of special shoes for foot care. After an exhaustive study we found the key: aromatherapy.

Determined this basis, we set out to find a suitable name to transmit this idea.

PETALOUS is derived from an adjective that an Italian child of 8 years old invented to describe a flower. This word like so much to his teacher, that calling it a beautiful mistake. She encouraged her student to write a letter to be accepted at the Academy of Italian language.

This sweet story captivated us so we wanted to move its beautiful meaning into our footwear.

PETALOUS means literally full of petals, plenty of aroma. For that reason, our brand absorbs the child’s imagination, moving into a pair of shoes, which are full of scent, just like a flower.

Our products are organized into different lines with exclusive aromatherapy treatments made from natural products commonly used in traditional medicine in Southeast Asia.

All of our production is made 100% in Spain as a result of our ongoing development work, following high quality standards and the use of innovative technologies.